Well, will you look at the calendar…
Tommorrow is Thanksgiving.

Our first Thanksgiving since…well, since ever, that we are hosting at our place.
Time to get “Busy, Busy, Busy.”

I’m not in charge of the menu nor am I the Top Chef. (I’m the Sous Chef. According to wikipedia, I should have an area of focus as a Sous Chef. Perhaps I should just call myself the Grunt Chef. Nah… I like Sous Chef better.) But I think I know what we have on the menu for the holiday:

Turkey – of course
Stuffing – fried pork sausage, sage, onion– the traditional, none of this oyster stuff
Sweet Potatoes – some fried, some baked (not yams)
Mashed Potatoes – I’m in charge of those.
Green Bean Caserole – Why, yes, we are from the Midwest, why do you ask?
Buns – C’s mom’s recipe. Mmmmm.
Cranberry Relish – C’s mom requires this. From the can. Ewwwwww.
Gravy – Pan Dripping, of course. I’m in charge of that, too.
Pumpkin Pie and Peacan Pie

And with a menu like that… you might be asking who all we are hosting in our abode. C & C, C’s mom and partner, C’s dad. That’s it. (And C’s dad is questionable right now due to an injury.)

1) We are cooking for thrashers.
2) Next time, we might have to invite more people.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?