So, tommorrow is Thanksgiving Day.
Since we are hosting– that means we will most likely be busy frantically preparing our apartment for guests. (As if they don’t know how we live normally.) And after the guests arrive, we’ll be busy preparing food and being all hosty-like. Which means we may forget to do the most important part of Thanksgiving–

Giving Thanks.

So, before we lay our heads on the mutitude of pillows (why yes, we did ask Santa for more, why do you ask?), I thought we might share a few things that C & C are grateful for.

1. Our new apartment.
C & C can both cook in the kitchen at the same time. We have a garage. We’ve had deer peeking in our bedroom windows. We like where we are living.

2. Our Jobs
For the first time in …. well… forever, both C & C are gainfully, rewardingly employed. Sure, we’ve both had jobs at the same time before– but now we both have jobs that match our skills and our souls– and we are making good money. Its been a long time coming. It is hard to express how thankful we are that the time has come. My place of work is filled with wonderful, dedicated, faithful people. C’s place is still on probation, but we have high hopes.

3. Being Home
Not a week doesn’t go by that we don’t encounter some thing or some person that reminds us that we are back in our home state. People are nice here. (Well most people are most of the time. There are some unfortunate exceptions.) We are also closer to C’s Daddio and C’s Mudder (1 and 2). We seem them 2 or 3 times a month. And that is a wonderful thing. Other benefits include favorite stores, favorite outings, favorite drinks… and did we mention the clean air. We give thanks for air that isn’t chewy.

4. Our Friends
Where to start? Really, I don’t know where to start here. We’ve moved closer to a few of our friends. But much further away from many others (you want links? Look at the blogroll.) And yet, we are grateful for their continued presence in our lives. By phone. By email. By blog. Some have joined us on retreat. Sure, we hope to make new friends. But we don’t plan on trading in our old ones. They are our blessings, and we cherish them.

5. Each Other
Together now for 11 years. I could list all the reasons I am thankful for C being my partner in this wonderul life of mine–but the blog would be too long and most-likely too mushy. Let me just say these two things. One, I remember what my life was B.C. (before C) and it was a hollow shadow existence compared to now. And two, doesn’t matter where I’m at, where I work, where I live, what I do, how much money I have, or where my friends are, as long as C is by my side. ’nuff said.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.