(So, the last post, while necessary, was not entirely fun. And since that is our stated mission– a penalty flag has been thrown. I offer the following as pennance.)

Top 10 Goofy Things I’m Thankful For:

10. Silly Songs and Parodies
Like Superfrog or Life in the Bat Cave or White and Nerdy

9. You Tube
Creativitiy at its goofiest, free from around the world.
My current favorites:
The Gobble Song and Deadbeat Superheroes and Neo vs. Robocop. I hate to admit it, but I’m terribly fond of these guys, too. They just make me giggle.

8. The Funny TV Shows my Tivo records for me.
Like… The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and My Name is Earl

7. C singing Duets with me
What duets you ask? I’m glad you asked.
We like to sing Crazy Lovesick Fool and Moving Right Along

6. That Cats are not the size of Dogs.
(Yes, I know some dogs are as small as cats– but they don’t count. Those are really cats in dog suits. You can tell by the way they act.)
Imagine a house cat the size of a Great Dane. -shudder- Gives me the willies.

5. Poker Nicknames
I LOVE poker nicknames.
I love the professional ones.
Kid Poker, Jesus, The Poker Brat, Texas Dolly, Amarrillo Slim, The Professor, The Unabomber.
I love the ones in our poker group.
“Maverick”, The Eviscerator, Chip, Starbuck, Texas Shark, Stacks, Stacked, Unicef (click on “children” on this page).

C & C do not have poker nick names, yet. We suggested one for C, but it didn’t stick.
Others have suggested ones for me, but, thankfully, none of them stuck either.
Some day….

4. That C watches Super Hero movies and shows with me– of her own free will.
She also watches cartoons with me. And best of all, dear reader, she will watch Super Hero Cartoons with me. True Love, I tell you, True Love.

3. I know almost-embarassingly little about sports, cars, or beer.

2. Silly Hats
No, I don’t have pictures of all of my silly hats. It is on my to-do list.
I do have my current list of Silly Hats to Acquire
* Pirate Hat
* Solar Powered Beanie Hat with throttle control
* Horned Helmet (Viking style?)

1. You
Well, you in general. You, the person who reads all of this. Even more so if you read it and then leave a comment. Only thing goofier than taking the time to write all this, is taking the time to read it all (and click on the links). Thank you for your form of goofieness.

What goofy things are you thankful for?