Company – Congenial, pleasant. No injuries to bodies or egoes. No signs of dysfunction. It was…. nice. Highly reccomend Imaginiff as a fun game for family and friend gatherings. (Best question – if C were a dog, what type of dog would she be. We were all in agreement on that one.)

Food – Pretty darn good. Turkey was cooked in a manner suggested by our favorite celebrity chef (minus the brining). It was flavorful and moist and a booming success. It took longer than we thought it would–by aabout an hour–but we had no complaints. Mashed potatoes turned out great. C had a secret ingredient that made the dish. The gravy was the best I’ve ever made– another recipe from the magic sage, the internet. I don’t know where C found it, but I’ve memorized it. All in all– it was great. How do we know? Because my maternal unit 1 took a few bites and then said, “Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.”

Can’t do better than that, gentle readers.

Clean Up – OMG! First– do you know how much of a mess C & C can make of their kitchen under normal circumstances? Imagine that with a full Thanksgiving dinner. Daunting–Daunting, I tell you! Second, if you have to have a post-cooking kitchen disaster, you can’t do better than having C’s Maternal Units on the scene. HOLY CRAP! They would make Mr. Clean look like a slacker. Our kitchen was clean within an hour. And that was with us telling them to sit and rest—

Leftovers – Mmmmmm….. leftovers. ‘Nuff said.