Apologies in advance for this post. I don’t think it will be a fun one. I’ll pay for it later, I promise.

When I was an undergraduate, I was working full-time (more than full time with two jobs) and going to school full-time. I lived hand to mouth at times. There were months, when I was in-between homes and crashed at people’s houses. There were months where I paid my rent and bills with money borrowed from family and friends.

At this time, I initiated a special “mode” of survival, I called the “Starving Student” meal plan.
The Starving Student meal plan was very simple. It had one rule.
“Never turn down free food.” (It also had a corollary: “Seek free food.”)

I became very good at finding free food. There were days where my meals were completely scrounged.

It worked well for me.

When C and were married, our money was still tight–though not as bad. (mostly because she was making money, I was still quite poor)
Occassionally, very occassionally, she would join me on the “Starving Student” plan.
Then I went to grad school– and we were unemployed for some many months.
And after that, we were living off C’s paychecks again… during these times, we fully embraced the Starving Student meal plan.

Today I had an epiphany of sorts– a few thoughts occurred to me.
–In my current job, there is a likelihood of a never-ending supply of free food.
–With our currrent jobs, we are no longer (as of this month) living hand to mouth.
–Twice in the last month, I’ve suffered from food-based allergy attacks.
(I am currently suffering from the effects of one — hence the un-fun post.)
–My diet and exercise plan that I started earlier this year has not been going well.

It is time to abandon the Starving Student meal plan.
Survival demands it, actually.

Of course, after fifteen years, it has become a default setting and a habit.
So, this may not be as easy as just saying that.

Or, maybe, it is.

We’ll see.