Hello Bloggie Readers,
I missed you!

I was in a bit of a funk last week. (Fresh out of fun to bring)
My new job had a bumpy start. (I put them on probation…which really means nothing but makes me feel better)
Things began to turn around this week!
In one day I received my i.d. badge and keys to the office.
I was able to add some decorating touches to my new space.
But even more importantly, I caught a sensation I had not experienced for perhaps 4 years.

I got to be a counselor.

I met some incredible people.
I was able to find and dust off my magical counseling mirror and help people see some strengths they did not know were there.
It is really challenging to describe the feeling, other than to say I left work feeling a mix of peace and excitement.
It feels really, really good people.