Conversation at the C & C chalet:

C: The snow has stopped.
C: Cool. How much do you think we got?
C: 8-10 inches they say.
C: Really Cool! Looks nice, doesn’t it?
C: You can’t even see where the driveway is.
C: No you can’t… Looks like the plows have come through.
C: They plowed the streets, but not our driveway.

C&C: They didn’t clear our driveway!

C: Do we have to shovel our driveway? (Eyes wide!)
C: I don’t know.
C: But, but, but…
C: We don’t even own a shovel.
C: I guess we’ll have to buy one.
C: We’ll have to get the car out to buy a shovel.
C: Oh no.

C: What if we just let it melt?
C: I don’t think that is going to work (…but I’m thinking about it.)
I’ll just have to do it in the morning.

C: Do you hear that?
C: Yeah, what is it? (looking at the clock which reads 8:00 pm)
C: Sounds like a plow?
C: Do you think….?
C: Could be…

(C&C run to the window like children on Christmas Eve.)

C&C: YAY! The plow, the plow! They plowed our driveway.
(happy dancing ensues)

[I’m afraid we still have to buy a shovel– the walk needs to be shoveled. 😦 ]