Phone rings.

C: Hello.
Person: Hello, is Dr. C there?
C: Excuse me?
Person: C. Dr. C. I was told to leave her a message at this number.
C: O.K. Ummm… she isn’t a doctor.
Person: I call her that as a sign of respect. I work for her.
Person (dander now obviously up): I hope that is all right with you. (disdain attached to “you”)
C: …. uh… sure. I’m her husband.
Person (all friendly again): Oh, good….

and she proceeded to leave a message for Dr. C.


C comes home and I tell her about the phone conversation.
We both have a good laugh about it.
I ask her about her day.

And as she is telling me, she stops at one point, and says,
“You wouldn’t understand, dear, its a doctor thing.”

I’m laughing… honestly I am… but this could be the start of something.