Christmas– C&C style.

Sunday, after C got done with work (which went well, thank you.)

C & C went to a new restaurant that C had found on-line.
The food was cheap and good. Mexican flavorful, not Mexican spicy. Just the way we like it. And they had, and I don’t say this lightly, the best Flan I’ve ever had.
So good, C almost liked it. (C hates flan.)

Then we went to super secret tree nursery. (Unfortunately, the tree nursery Brigadooned us– it was so secret it wasn’t even there.)

So, then we travelled far and wide (to the tree lot down the block) and picked out a tree. (C picked out the tree. C just stands by and counts how many we look at before deciding to take the first one that called to her. -three-). Biggest tree we have ever had. Over seven feet tall. Perfectly shaped. For a grand total of …. $40. Gosh, we love this state.

C hung the lights. (Her name works in reverse, too, you see) and then we both hung our ornaments. (Though, first we went through them and purged our collection. We had some truly hideous ornaments.)

Finally, the Bumble, put the tree topper on.


And now we have a really cool Christmas tree in our living room.
Mmmm… it smells piney.