Two little bits of my day today…
When I have a client arrive, they check in at the front desk of the hospital. The person working the desk then pages me to announce the person is there. They also usually add a description of the person so I may more easily find them in the large waiting area. Today, I got this description: ___ checked in, she has long dark hair pulled back and is wearing a black sweatshirt. The sweatshirt reads “I see stupid people.”

Don’t know what it was, but that just tickled my funny bone.

Also, there are many different people manning the desk during the day. I try to introduce myself to each one, but I miss one every now and then.

I found out there is a doctor in the hospital with a name close to mine. Let’s just say, if my last name is LeSmith, this doctor’s name is Smith.
Dr. Smith works in OB-GYN!
Between some of my new patients not being sure of my name, and the fact that some of the front desk people don’t know who the heck I am….some of my clients came for counseling but were directed to an area to get a different kind of exam!