In his recent post, Frogs shares with the world his “If I won the Lottery” contingency plan.

If you know me, it will come as no surprise that I, too, have such a plan.
Multiple version of the plan, actually. (It is best to be prepared for these things.)

Being not nearly so ascetic as Frogs, my plan is a little more… shall we say… detailed?

I will share with you now, lucky reader, the first part of my plan.
1) Hire a lawyer to represent me in all relations with the Lottery people, for a percentage of the winnings, the law firm guards my identity.

2) Hire an accountant to track the money for us. C&C are budget impaired.

3) Donate 10% to worthy causes (TBD).

4) Spend 15% on The List*

5) Spend 25% on us**

6) Invest and save the rest.

** C & C would travel more.
C & C would own a motorcyle once more.
C would stop working for others if she didn’t want to.
C & C would build our dream home or homes.

* The List
I’ve had a list of things I want to give friends and family for decades.
A log cabin for my maternal units.
Tuition for one of my oldest friends.
Scholarship funds for each of our auntlets and unclets (official and otherwise).
…and the list goes on… you might just be on it.

(Some day, if you’re curious, I’ll tell you about the rules involved in the Lottery game. You knew there would be rules, right?)

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel I should let you know that I’ve already won the lottery. Yup. I wished on a shooting star that I “win the lottery” and the next day I did. But it was only 4 numbers. I won something like $27. Talk about a failed contingency plan. As a gaming geek, you would think I would have remembered the importance of writing your wishes out first. Sigh.