First, some disclaimers.
1) This is not intended to be comprehensive, exhaustive, or objective.
2) Controversy and objections are not only expected, but appreciated.
3) We are trying to Bring the Fun, not Give Offense.

ROUND 1 – Top Rated Custard Shops

Michaels vs. Kopp’s
– We live within walking distance of a Kopps – point to Kopps, sort of
– Both have daily flavors, posted on web and on schedules – tie
– While both serve burgers, Kopps resemble McD’s in appearance and taste. – point Michaels
– Michaels will also gladly serve you Sprecher Root Beer and Deep Fried Cheese Curds – double points to Michaels
– Frozen Custard is made fresh at both, but only tastes that way at one of them – point to Michaels

Winner: Michael’s (4 to 1, and that was without the website or personnell comparisons)

ROUND 2 – Root Beer

This one would seem, on the face of it, to be a shoe-in.
Brewtown has the Sprecher brewery. The 2nd best Root Beer in the world!
Many,many, many restaurants will serve Sprecher’s in Brewtown.
Many do not. And many eateries in Madtown will also serve Sprechers.
Some places in Brewtown list Sprechers on their menu, but actually serve Point Root Beer; and some places in Madtown that do not serve Sprecher Root Beer serve, instead, 1919, the BEST root beer in the world.

Winner: Brewtown (but only by a nudge)

Next time: Lakes, Markets, and Museums – oh, my.