Lock your doors! Guard your families!
Be alert and aware (the world needs more lerts and wares.)

Super Genius, Arch Villian, World Conquerer,
Mojo Jojo
has escapeed.

He’s escaped before…but his bouts of freedom were never long. Eventually, he would turn up and I’d reattach him to his jingly cage with a bolt through his turbanned monkey head.
You see, Mojo Jojo was my keychain
(no, that isn’t me; and no, I don’t know that guy; he just happens to have the same keychain and I thought you might like to see it.)

I’m afraid, this time, he is gone for good.

Which means I need a new keychain.
By tradition, I don’t buy keychains. I wait for the universe to provide one.

My first keychain was a gift from my sister.
It was a beutiful two-tone wooden keychain with a painting of a mallard on it.
(Nope, don’t know why a mallard. Never asked.)
Sorry, no picture of this one.

My second keychain was a gift from a friend.
It was a plastic keychain with a small cartoon guy lounging on it, giving a middle finger salute, and wearing nothing but a grin. It had a cute little saying on it.
(This one actually has a very interesting, funny, embarassing story attached to it. But since he doesn’t read this blog, you ain’t hearing it. Unless of course you bribe the friend that does read the blog and knows that story– and outbid me.)
Sorry, no picture of this one, either.

Wonder what my next keychain will be…