A Holiday Smorgasbord for you, my loyal reader.

Some jokes, some gift ideas, some trivia, some fun films, and other assorted fun…

Some Christmas riddles (anwers at the end of the post):

Q1: Why did Santa’s toy makers need to see the psychotherapist?

Q2: Which candle burns longer, a green one or a red one?

Q3: What do you call people who are afraid of Santa?

Some of our favorite things (on our gift list this year):

Adopt a Dolphin
An Adopted Dolphon from the Pacific Whale Foundation for our nieces.
(It is a Spinner Dolphin named Snowball.)

A new tree ornament for M1 and M2.
From the interesting folks at Cafe Press.

I’ve got another one or two I’d like to include, but those haven’t been opened yet– and those people read this blog…so you’ll just have to wait.

Some Holiday Trivia about another of our favorite animated specials:
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

1. Who was the voice of the narrator?

2. Who did the voice of the Grinch?

3. What was the man who composed all the music better known for? (more)

4. Who was the voice of Cindi Lou Who? (more)

5. What exactly was the Grinch’s problem anyway? (more)

Fun Films
I haven’t figured out how to embed films into our blog, so you’ll just have to use the portkeys.

Earlier this year, C got me hooked on Scrubs. To thank her, I found this.

Or…if perhaps you’d like to see Christmas though my geek-filter.

And as a special treat, a favorite Christmas special you don’t see any more.

The answers to the riddles:
A1: They had low elf esteem.

A2: Neither. Candles always burn shorter.

A3: Clausetraphobic