Happy Post Christmas, Dear Readers!

C&C had an interesting time visiting some relatives over the weekend. The kids were mostly cute and the time was mostly relaxed! (I have upgraded the little ones from monsters to brats.)Yay!

Some time in the middle of the afternoon, Dad decided to check on the turkey. It had been thawing in the fridge for the past 4 days. Or, in theory it was thawing…because it was an icy turkey pop when he checked it. (Apparently, someone accidently bumped the temp control in the fridge and set it to “Mr. Freeze.”)
Turkey Pop
We began emergency thawing procedures!
Submerged bird in cold water with water running over it.
We managed to shut down my very opinionated and vocal S-I-L who insisted we should run warm water on the thing to thaw it out faster.
Another gift for the holiday….salmonella poisoning!
The bird was getting there, but by the time it would be thawed and cooked–well, let’s just say C&C wanted to get home before 10. (We think in-law time should come in small doses)(VERY small doses.)

So…we began to work on PLAN B

C&C are friends with Plan B.
(Mission Impossible theme song begins to play in their heads)
O.K., what is in the fridge?
Hot dogs. Left over chili S-I-L made yesterday. Pie.
Hmm….neither of us really like chili dogs…(I like DQ chili dogs…)

O.K., what is open that sells groceries?

(This is sad to admit, but we very much knew what was open from last year, when we went on a mad search for stuffing mix. Turns out a chain drug store is open and sells stuffing!)
But you cannot find a thawed turkey at the drug store. (Well, you can, but it is in form of processed, sliced turkey pseudo-meat.)

We did find some Christmas Pizza!

(It being Christmas Pizza of course because, well, we ate it on Christmas)

It was not a particularly enjoyable Christmas feast, but we had food and very few dishes!

This may become a new holiday tradition!
Then again, perhaps we will turn it into a Top Chef challenge. (You have $40 and 2 hours to take items from a convenience store and turn them into a sumptuous holiday feast!)