Tonight was date night for C & C.
A deluxe date night.
No namby-pamby movie or staying home and watching TV.

Tonight we went out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant and took in a show.

The restaurant was highly recommended by two very dear friends.
(They will remain unidentified to protect the innocent. And we aren’t just saying that. We know these people. They wouldn’t steer us wrong. They have, however, been absent from Brewtown for almost four years. Things change– as we have learned about our beloved Madtown.)

The food at the restaurant was disappointing– not bad, but not very good.
We’re big fans of Italian restaurants– and we have high standards, and this place just didn’t rise above average.
But that wasn’t the real problem.
No… while the food was average, the service was abysmal. ABYSMAL.
The waiter gave new meaning to the word “inattentive.”
Twice, and I’m not exaggerating this, the guy asked us a question AS HE WAS MOVING PAST OUR TABLE and dealing with the other table.
No slowing down. No eye contact. No, he didn’t return to hear our answer.
It was the oddest, most infuriating, rudest thing I’ve ever experienced in a restaurant.
It was like the guy was on roller skates and hadn’t figured out how to stop.
The third time he tried it, I forced him to actually stop and listen to us for an answer.
He gets brownie points for apologizing– but he then didn’t listen to what I said to him.
(No buttons pushed there.)
As we left, I spoke to the manager about it. The manager did apologize, but did not offer to make the experience right in any way. Very bad form.
We will not be returning.

But, no harm done– because after the meal we headed off to the show.
Our seats were a little high up, but there really aren’t any bad seats at that venue.
The dancing was fantastic. The music, with one very notable exception, was absolutely rockin’. The outfits were skimpy.
There was much fun had by all.
Much laughter.
And… who know, C might actually convince me to take dance lessons.
(It could happen.)