Fizzy and I first met in a Red Lobster parking lot. I wanted a kitten and a nearby farmer had a litter of kittens he was giving away. I told my friend I would “just go to look.” Very funny. Fizzy was the only girl in the litter and the only one with a cute little pink nose. She also was mellow and cuddly from the start. Of course, this was in part due to her not feeling the greatest–once she was healed up she was a spitfire! She would zoom across my apartment and spoke to me often. I understand being “expressive” was due to her part Siamese background. Fizzy had some super abilities I had not seen in a cat before. She could make herself super heavy so she could not be moved. This power was used mostly in the middle of the night as she pinned her owners to the bed! She also knew when I or my hubbie were sick or upset, and would be sure to be close and cuddly. She was our little furry healer. Fizzy’s full name is Fizgig, from the movie The Dark Crystal. I remember seeing this movie as a teenager and loving this character: a loyal ball of fur with big teeth and a rather cowardly nature. I decided when I had my first cat on my own, it would be named Fizgig. I ended up with a super soft, pink nosed black and white kitty–Fizgig didn’t have the right “flow” so Fizzy it was!

Fizzy was with me through most of my young adult years through my 30’s. We went through a lot of change (good and bad) together. She was always a friendly, loving constant in my life, greeting me each day when I got home from school or work. She would come to me when I called her name (most of the time–she was a cat, after all) She was my cat, but did eventually warm up to my husband. They became good friends, too, even though he is a “dog” person.

Fizzy did not appear her age and was very active and playful. The last day of her life she spent time on my lap, being petted and told how pretty she is.

She was a loving friend who is greatly missed.

Your comments and stories about Fizzy are greatly appreciated.