I’m feeling more like Monk every day.

I think I have to add a new fear to my list.
Or maybe not.
All depends on categories and semantics and such.

After reading this article, I am adding Collossal Squid to my list of fears.
Of course, I already had Giant Squid on the list.

Is Collossal Squid a new item? Or is it implied by Giant Squid? They aren’t the same thing. (Seriously, that link is not for the faint of heart. The stuff of nightmares, vivid, nasty nightmares…Consider yourself warned.) One is definitely bigger and creepier than the other. And they live in different places. (Yes, it has been pointed out to me that both of these beaked horrors live in places decidedly unfrequented by yours truly. Whatsyerpoint?!?)

This is exactly the kind of conversation I expect the Monk writers to come up with.