Hedonism – devotion to or pursuit of the pleasure of the senses.
Epicurean – displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses.
CLD’s B-Day Rule #1 – a real birthday celebration is NOT limited to just one day, or even just one month.

How does C celebrate his birthday?

• An impromptu trip to a men’s salon last week for a hair cut and a full razor shave (complete with hot towels and oil facial rub). The hair cut was nice. Not too radical, but not too conservative. The scalp massage was a nice touch. And the shave? Wow. I lost count of the number of hot towel/oil rubs I got. Talk about luxury. It’s a dying art. Thumbs up!

• An impromptu trip to C’s salon for a massage, yesterday. C had visited this massage therapist twice before and had given her rave reviews. She did warn me ahead of time to let go of my expectations. And a good thing. The masseuse was a small blond waif of a girl– a mini-Barbie of sorts. Do not judge a book by the cover. Good rule. My body is still sore. There were some major kinks that needed working out– and work them out she did. I had to ask her to go lighter on my tender self… Wow. Thumbs up!

• I cuddled with the kitty this morning. Still had to go to work, but slept in for an extra hour. Nice. Very nice.

• Dinner out with my Sweetie at a restaurant she found. GREAT CHOICE. Uncrowded. Nice decor. And the food…. oh, I must tell you about the food.

First Course: Crispy Portabella Fries. A large cap, deep fried in a double dipped flaky batter, sliced, and served with a hearty-yet-subtle Boursin cheese sauce. C&C enjoyed it immensely.

Second Course: I had the Seafood Lobster Bisque. An almost beefy tomato base with an absolutely intense seafood essence. Sprinkled liberally with sweet scallps, firm shrimp, and a little lobster for good measure. I almost licked the bowl. C had the Seafood Chowder special. The bowl arrived with 5 small open clams in a very light broth. Usually, I like my chowders to be thick. Thi was a very thin– but the taste was not. It was hearty and multi-layered. The clams were cooked better than any I have ever had with out even the hint of chewiness. And again, there were the sweet scallops and bold shrimp. It was amazing. We could have eaten these soups with as our whole meal and been happy.

• Drinks: We split a split of Asti Spumante. An underated champaigne that we both enjoy a great deal. And half a split is just perfect for us. Enough to enjoy, not enough to make me loopy.

• Intermezzo: I didn’t even know what an intermezzo was. I’ve never been to a restaurant with one on the menu. C explained it to me and I decided to try one. I had the Midori Honeydew Sorbet. OMG! AMAZING! Like Spring and Summer infused directly onto the tongue. All cold and yet the essence of the summer sun. Little pieces of fruit surrounded by frozen melon juice. Amazing I tell you. Palate cleanser, indeed. It was wonderful.

• Main Course: I ordered the Grilled Sea Scallops and C ordered the Roast Duck Breast. The Duck was delicious, served with wild rice. My scallops were served with a truffle vinaigrette and a wild mushroom risotto. I was not as pleased with my dish. Nothing wrong with it– and the risotto was delicious. But the I didn’t enjoy the flavoring of the scallops (perhaps I’m not a truffle person– who knew?) and the scallops with the intense wild mushroom flavor didn’t work as well. Still, a good meal. Just not as amazing as everything else.

• Desert: We decided to split a Bailey’s Irish Cream Souffle with chocolate sauce. I had recently been introduced to souffle’s by a fellow foodie (well, actually, by fellow foodies partner— but I digress.) The souffle came out and looked nothing like what I expected. Didn’t taste as good as the one T had made for us, either. We didn’t eat it and we sent it back.

We had C’s Bailey’s cheesecake at home anyway– and it was DELICIOUS.

And the rest of the B-Day celebrations will have to remain under wraps.

Who knows what the next week will bring.

Happy Birthday to Me!