So, the other day, I was feeling all nostalgic. Birthdays do that do me– what can I say.
And I started thinking about the fun things I remember from my early years.
Cartoons and TV shows and characters….

And I thought– “wow, you know, with the internet, I bet those things are out there…”

And they are.

So, here I present some of my childhood favorite things:

Felix the Cat
(He goes back a lot further, but he got his bag around the time I started watching him.)


I loved Underdog. I liked him better than I liked Superman.
I still think he had the best theme song ever.
Which, of course, means I’ll be going to this movie this summer. (though I admit to being fearful.)
Don’t think I would have chosen Jason Lee as the voice for Underdog. Don’t get me wrong, I like Earl, but sardonic snark just wasn’t Underdog’s thing most of the time.

And of course, there was also….

Mighty Mouse

A few notes from this episode (one I don’t remember seeing before.)
1. The barbells just make me giggle everytime. Must be a heck of a supporter there.
2. Of course, wolves can play the flute and the trumpet. That’s how they blow the pig’s house down, you know.
3. Wolves like carrots in their stew.
4. They also use silverware. (Why? Because they wear clothes. Cartoon rule.)
5. OK, I really don’t remember MM wearing pink long underwear for his costume. I thought they were yellow-orange-tan. (In this one, his long underwear is blue. He also has a secret identity and apparently gets his powers from limberger cheese. Who knew?)
6. I never knew MM had magnetic powers. (Maybe it depends on the cheese he ingests.)
7. These are both earlier than the version I watched. In my version, MM had learned opera and always sang in operatic phrases when coming to rescue those in distress.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman
An “educational” story about a genius dog and his pet boy, Sherman.

And finally, no Saturday was complete without reruns of

The Lone Ranger
Unfortunately, no old black and white clips of the show are on YouTube, but they do have this

I hope you have enjoyed my birthday memories.