If you are not familiar with the Chad Vader series, you really ought to fix that.

They are funny shorts of a member of the Darth Vader family tree (Chad Vader) getting along in our modern day society.

Someone introduced this to me some months back and I thought it was mildly amuslng.
Today, while perusing a website of a former employer*, I saw a blurb about Chad Vader.
Turns out that the Chad Vader films are by people from my hometown.
Yup, Chad Vader is from Madtown.
All the people in it– my people. All the places– my old stomping grounds.
my old employer.

In Episode Five of Chad Vader, our protagonist is out of work and trying various jobs.
One of those jobs… well, as Steven Wright says “I didn’t lose my job. I know where it is. It’s just, when I go back to it, there is some other person doing it.”
Chad Vader is doing my old job.
WAY TOO COOL for words.

* You didn’t think I’d make it that easy did you? This is somewhat anonymous, remember.