And these are in no particular order– and without photos. (They may come at some point.)

10. Watches me Shower.
Every time I take a shower, she follows me into the bathroom. Then she either sits on the floor or on the back of the toilet and watches me. Sometimes she meows, but mostly she just watches. When I’m done and I open the curtain, she jumps onto the tub-sill. Sometimes she jumps into the newly wet tub.

9. Thinks the Bathroom is for Snuggling
Don’t understand it… but that is when she wants to rub against my legs and wants her head scratched. I’ll say no more.

8. Goes from Silence to Super Purr Instantly
She purrs so loudly, it can wake you up from a dead sleep. And she purrs any time you touch her or get close to her. Gotta love that.

7. Sleeps on my Side of the Bed
OK, this isn’t that cute. And she doesn’t do it all the time. But most of the time. And, well, that hasn’t happened since I had a dog– and she never stayed there for longer than 15 minutes. I’d forgotten how cool it is.

6. Sits Down Hard
Opal doesn’t sit down quietly or softly. She PLANTS herself. PLOP! (Somewhat the way I sit down. I hope she breaks fewer chairs…)

5. Sleeps Under Your Chin
Her favorite place to lay down and take a snuggle nap is on your chest, under your chin, around your neck. This is not always the most comfortable place for the snugglee, but it sure is cute. (Bonus Cutitude – sometimes before she falls asleep in this position, she puts her little paws out and wraps them around your neck, like a little hug.)

4. Dive and Roll
Her patented ninja move. When playing with a toy, she will dive for it and then do a somersault. Doesn’t matter if she grabbed the toy or not. It is all about style.

3. Cave Cougar
She likes to hide between my legs when she is playing. As if the feather toy was some unsuspecting gazelle wandering by the fierce cougar hiding in the dark hidden mountain recess. Then she pounces out or reaches and tries to drag the victim in. Very ferocious and scary. Or so we tell her.

2. The Picture of Grace–NOT
Our cat, the poor sweet girl, is a klutz. I, being who I am, shall not mock her for this. Rather, she has my sympathy. My solidarity. I wince everytime she leaps for the bed and slams into it, clawing her way up. I cringe when she jumps up on the window ledge and misses, holding on with her little kitty claws. OK– I laugh too. It is hard not to. How often do you see a klutzy cat?

1. Sleep Eating
No, we do not have her on Ambien. And no, she doesn’t actually sleep eat. She does, however, dream of eating. Often. Loudly. Her little kitty lips start smacking and chomping. Her tongue licks her lips. She makes loud eating noises. It is quite funny.
(Another Bonus Cutitude – When she is thinking, she sticks her tongue out. Not a lot. Just the tip. Very, very cute.)