From the latest episode of Medium.
(A vastly underated show. I completely reject the premise, but absolutely love the acting and the stories. The husband character is that rare thing– a realistic man role, well sort of.)
For reasons that will be obvious if you know us, these clips tickled our funny bones.
I don’t think the quotes require context from the story; but if you ask, I’ll provide it.

Husband: “Help me out here. Which…which one of these shirts looks most well-adjusted?”
Wife: “Well, I say that the one on the left looks…uh…a little paranoid to me, and the one the right looks like it has anger issues.”


Wife: “So how was therapy? How was the therapist?”
Husband: “He said I was angry.”
Wife: “Oh yeah? What did you make of that?”
Husband: “It pissed me off.”