Short Version: Meh.

Medium Version:
C gives it an 8, but he is a supers geek. Some good things, but no great joy.
C gives it a 6, but she loves C anyway. Too much speed, too much people-doing-bad.

Long Version:
C doesn’t like action movies that move so fast that you can’t see what is happening. The “really cool” scenes in Spiderman are great, but they move in that fashion. Hard to watch, and not pleasant. Worse, Peter Parker starts the movie as arrogant ass who is full of himself. C hates that kind of thing. The only thing she hates worse than that is when people betray people. In this movie, Peter betrays MJ. Then MJ betrays Peter. Then Peter REALLY betrays MJ. (C explained that the second time, Peter was under the influence of an evil creepy space thingie. To which C responded, “Doesn’t matter. No excuse.” Icky feelings mean an icky movie.

C has other objections, of a more geeky nature. The biggest problem with this movie?
It forgets the key aspects of who Spiderman is. There are two things you can’t screw up in a Super’s movie if you want to keep C happy.
One, if they have a secret identity, keep it secret. Every DAMN villain in this movie knows who Peter Parker is. He spends half the movie in costume, minus his mask. Drives me nuts. But I am, regrettably, getting used to it. Every hack writer in hollywood does this these days.

Two, get the powers right. (Superman can’t spin the Earth backwards and reverse time.) Spiderman’s greatest power is…. his spider-sense. Spider-sense warns him when he is in danger. It is very well tuned. With it, he can sense ambushes. He can sense blows before they hit. He can sense all things…and get out of the way of them. (Having super-reflexes is very useful if you know WHEN you need to dodge.) [Oddly enough, the Nicholas Cage movie currently out, NEXT, is about a guy with this same ability.] Why is this power so important? Because Spiderman doesn’t have invulnerability or any healing powers. You hit him hard enough, and it really doesn’t have to be that hard, and he is down for the count. Spidey go Splat.

Spiderman’s greatest foes? They usually don’t trigger his spider-sense. That is why they are his worst foes.

Wanna guess how often Spidey uses his spidersense in this movie? Go ahead, I’ll wait.
(Not once that I can tell.)

Wanna guess how often Spidey gets hit, smashed, pummelled, thrown through walls, bashed, or otherwise beaten like a red-headed step-child? Give it a try.
(Can’t tell you. It happens so often, I lost track.)

If he doesn’t have Spider Sense and is nigh invulnerable like Superman, I don’t know what hero he is supposed to be.

So, Meh.