Hello, my name is C, and I’m a geek. Unabashedly.

I’m not a nerd. (At least I don’t think I am.)
Though this distinction is debatable (mostly by nerds and geeks and those on the outside.)

What brings this up, you ask?
Well, I was trying out a new podcast, Geekspeak Radio, and I’m torn.

On the positive side, the trio (two guys and a girl) are fun to listen to and talk about some the geeky stuff I like. The show is only a 1/2 hour long, which is a nice length for a podcast. And they have a regular segment called “Two minutes of a girl talking.” which I find quite amusing. (There just isn’t enough girl-geek exposure in the media, I say.)

In season 1, episode 11, the Geek Girl (Linsey) talked about “Why the Ladies Love the Nerds.”

….The term “NERD”, meaning square goes back to at least 1951 when Newsweek reported the usage as relatively new in Detroit, MI…By the 1960s, it took on connotations of bookishnesh as well as social ineptitude. The word itself first appeared in Dr. Seus’ book If I Ran The Zoo, published in 1950, where it simply names one of Dr. Seus’ many comical, imaginary animals. The narrator, Gerald McGrew, claims he would collect “a nerkel, a nerd, and a seersucker, too” for his imaginary zoo. Now dramatic depictions of good nerds typically reveal them to be good hearted people who wish harm on no one but are bullied by their obvious intellectual inferiors. Many nerds in fiction play roles as supporting characters who provide valuable sources of information or useful skills for the heroes; however, nerds as lead characters often have a secredt identity as a super hero. In these cases, the put upon person has a wonderful secret (examples include Peter Parker/Spiderman, Clark Kent/Superman). Now, many nerds are–and this is a new thing–many nerds are proud of the fact that they are nerds. In the 1990s, the word nerd developed a distinct positive connotation within social spheres connecting to computing and the internet to denote with pride a technicallys skilled person. This also extended to financial success in these fields, with Bill Gates himself often described as a nerd, though a remarkably wealthy one….

Her guest girl host (Katy) that day tried to answer the question this way (about why she loves her game geek hubby):

….it gives him something to do while I can go do something else…the other thing I love about nerds is their adorableness. I’m glad you brought of the Dr. Seus thing because I think it gets at that adoration. Women who love nerds and geeks can see their inner–are perceptive to their inner super hero that they are…and women who are not attracted to geeks and nerds, probably don’t see that about them and that is why they aren’t worthy of the nerds…

And how can I not love that? Really.

But, the other ongoing segment is something they call, well, I can’t tell you what they call it, because you have to hear it. Let’s just say, I thought the name of the segment was the “Raistlin Report”. That’s what it sounded like to me. Raistlin. And I thought, “Whoa! These guys are really geeky. A whole report about the wizard from the Dragonlance novels? Seems a little dated. How much can you really say about that character? Well, it may be interesting.”

It wasn’t.

Because it wasn’t the Raistlin Report– it was the Wrasslin‘ Report.
As in Wrestling. WWF and such.
These people are Wrestling Geeks.

My fingers trip over typing those words together. Honestly.

I know that Geekdom is a wide tent, ecompassing many, many subspecies.
You have your Comic Geeks, your Movie Geeks, your TV Geeks, your Super Hero Geeks, your Gamer Geeks (with dozen of sub-subspecies in that category), your Computer Geeks, and I’ve even met a Food Geek.

But Sports Geeks? Aren’t sports and geeks mortal enemies?
And is Professional Wrestling even a sport? And if it isn’t, does that mean it gets free admission to the Geek tent?

I don’t know.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I did watch wrestling as teenager.
But, I grew out of it. And I am really finding it hard to reconcile the ideas of a Geek podcast with a regular Wrestling segment.

Am I overreacting? Am I–horrors of horrors–a Geek Snob?
I don’t know.