In celebration of the impending demise of one of our credit cards, and in order to stem off our eventual demise as long as possible, C & C purchased a deluxe treadmill. We got a good deal on it because some distracted laborer attached a piece backwards. They fixed it, but the piece wasn’t “pretty” anymore. As such, it was marked 40% off. C & C deliberated long and hard about whether or not we could stand having an “unpretty” treadmill. I mean really– we are so stylish, don’t you know.

The treadmill arrived on Monday. I put it together (even though it was supposedly a two person job). That was quite a work out all by itself. Opal was fascinated. C & C, I am happy to report, have been using the treadmill regularly. (No, we aren’t using it as clothes hanger.) I’m even happier to report that I’ve only fallen off of it twice.

Last week, my iPod died. You know, dear fun fans, that I’m horribly addicted to podcasts. Between that addiction and the fact that I use my iPod as my mobile calendar, this was a sad, sad day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect the iPod to last forever. It was an older, used model that Gadget Grrl traded to me for our old kitchen table. (At the time, I thought she was getting the short end of the stick–now, of course, I’ve got a dead iPod and she still has a kitchen table.)

I sent the iPod in to iResQ. Twenty bucks to send it in. They called back and told me it needed a new drive and a new battery. Total damages? $144 OUCH!!! A brand new iPod costs $249. After some discussion, C agreed that it made more sense for me to get a new one.

On Thursday, my new iPod arrived. I opened the box like a kid on Christmas morning. (C was actually surprised at my “calm reserve.”)

It took my breath away.
It has 50% more memory than my old one.
It is 50% the size and weight of my old one.
It is cool black and shiny chrome. It is engraved (free of charge).
And it has a video screen.
IT HAS A VIDEO SCREEN! (The picture quality is better than our television.)

Now I can walk on our new treadmill while listening to my new iPod.

Oh…. it has been a very good week, indeed.

(next month, the iPhone is supposed to go on sale– and if I’m really good and lucky, I’ll be blogging about it shortly thereafter)