Some follow ups to some past postings.

1) At least four more people have referred to C as “Doctor”. With her promotion, we expect this trend to continue and even increase.

2) C still doesn’t have a keychain. He is sad.

3) Our gnome has lost his horn and has been wearing rabbit ears, pink nose, and cottonball tail for months. We even have a picture. No we haven’t posted it. And by the time we get off our lazy butts and do it, he will have changed his attire again.

4) May is now my least favorite month. The June Bugs are attacking my screens and the Lilacs are blooming absolutely-frickin’-everywhere.

5) Some nimrod broke the treadmill at our apartment center. Work outs stopped. C & C purchased a new treadmill, workouts have resumed. Weight loss has not begun, but we have commitment and hope.

6) Two new favorite commercials. Cingular’s example of foreign language. And the newest Reese’s PB Cup commercial. Simple words on a screen that say, “Ever since Peanut Butter and Chocolate hooked up, Peanut Butter and Jelly still talk, but the relationship is very strained.” Genius. Pure, simple genius.

7) Opal is getting bigger, but is still darn cute. Even when she is a spaz.

8 ) Yau-man lost. I lost my bet. We are very, very unhappy.

9) The girls power? The one that “can stop Sylar?” She can find anyone. And….? That’s it. Just Dawnstar’s power, without the wings and space support. Nothing else. That, my friends, is LAME. Don’t mind the power. Don’t mind the storyline. But selling the little girls as the only way to stop Sylar or the perfect way to stop Sylar is just plain wrong and insulting.

10) Best review of Spiderman 3 I’ve heard yet, courtesy of the GeekLabel guys, [“It doesn’t Suck” is not a compliment.]