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A brief summary of our last two weeks.
(Pictures will be added in another post.)

•Northwest is better than United. (Though they don’t serve warm cookies and they charge $5 for snacks on the plane.)
•Traveling apart, while necessary and doable, is terribly unfun.
• We really liked this city. The people were friendly. There were trees, trees, and more trees. The air was clean. The public transportation was easy and clean and quick. We wish we could have spent more time there. We think we will return one day.
•There is nothing better than spending time with friends. NOTHING. If you happen to be able to see old friends and new friends during the same vacation, well then you are just a lucky, lucky, blessed person.
• The best vacation plans are flexible.
• J&J know how to celebrate a birthday.
• And the winner is…. C. (While I did not dance on the table, C claims there was some gloating and bragging going on. I deny this. Ok, a little bragging. Sorry.) Congrats to Starbuck for taking 2nd place.
• We tried to hike to the top of these falls. We didn’t make it. The falls were very pretty though and I’m glad C made me go. (The person walking up the mountain in flip flops disturbed us.)
• The City of Roses is aptly named and the park is a wonderful thing. We could have spent the whole day there. (Friends in need trump pretty parks.) Roses of every shade and shape with mountains in the distance.
• C loves boat rides. Ferries count as boats. The ferry to the Emerald City was great fun. Not at all like the Merrimac Ferry. (Seagulls will hover for cheetos. More on that later.)
Flying fish, Ranier cherries, and huge shoes–OH MY. That was a fun shopping trip.
P&S Express is a very good charger company. T is a wonderful friend for finding it and making arrangements. We saw Harbor Porpoises, Orca Whales, Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, and an Elephant Seal. We are both very happy that we are not prone to sea-sickness.
• Our dear friend, K, taught C how to make sushi. YUMMY! The rest of the meal was feast-like as well.
• Crabs of all shapes and size like to hang out under the rocks on the beach at this park. If you pick the crabs up, they will pinch you. There are jellyfish in the surf. (VERY SCARY!) (OK, C is not that scared and is laughing at me. It should be noted, however, that she didn’t go near them either.)
• Port Townsend is a cool place. There is a volunteer, non-profit youth-run coffee house there. The servers and patrons are friendly (but they make a lousy chai.) There is also a UU church there. We missed the pride parade, but we did tell M1 and M2 about it.
• Crab cocktails are yummy.
• We saw two rainbows on our way back to our point of arrival/departure.

We are tired now.
Work beckons insistently.


Just got back from vacation.

Walked all over heck and back.
(Including 3/4 of the way up a waterfall.)
Didn’t drink enough water.
(But I did drink a lot of fizzy sugar water. J tried to warn me.)
Had lots of really good food.
(Raftees rarely eat gourmet food. Who knew?)
Didn’t use the treadmill at the hotel.
(I walked that day, didn’t I?)

Felt like crap these past few days.
Weighed myself this morning.


I weighed more this morning than I have ever weighed in my entire life.
My little weight chart, which was going slowly down hill, looks like a seismograph on a very bad day.

I’m feeling a little like this or like this.


I’ll be hitting the treadmill tonight.

Last week’s episode of SG-1 was an unfortunate throw-away episode. With this being the last season of this beloved series, I admit to being a little disappointed when they craft an episode that doesn’t move along the plot or tie up any loose ends. This one seemed to be a sentimental offering to fathers and estranged families.

Oh well.

The episode wasn’t a complete loss, however. It did have this little easter egg of dialogue:

Jacek (Vala’s father): “I don’t mind telling you I’m a bit disappointed in this facility. I was expecting more.

Samantha: “Well, at times, so do we. But the truth is the stargate program just doesn’t get the support it used to from the people in charge.”

Jacek: “Why not?”

Dr. Lee: “Eureka! One down, twelve to go.”

Jacek: “That’s too bad because after all your stargate program has accomplished for this network of planets. I would think the decision makers would show it the respect it deserves.”

Samantha: “Yup.”

Would that it would be so…

Pirates of the Caribean Three – First half, twisty-turny and not very enjoyable. 2nd half, fun pirate battle royale. Lost the humor and fun of the original. All in all, a disappointment. (If you do go, stay through the credits.)

Oceans 13 – Lots of ghosts in this machine, but the coolness radiates of the screen. Lots of fun and funny moments. Oddly enough, we enjoyed it more than the 2nd one.

Stranger than Fiction – Loved this movie. Nice visual style. Interesting story. The actors did wonderful jobs. Funny. Sad. Would have changed the ending, but hey, what do I know, I’m not a writer. Best movie we’ve seen in months.

By this time, if you are watching Heroes (and if you aren’t watchng Heroes, well why the heck aren’t you?), you should have watched the season finale. I’ve watched it three times– and I (suprise, suprise) have some thoughts to share.

Be forewarned, this is one big spoiler.

1. DL is an idiot. If you can phase through objects, and you can phase others through objects, you shouldn’t be getting shot. You are a one trick pony, D.L., but it is a good trick. Use it. (Though, to be honest, I didn’t see the whole hole-in-the-head thing coming. Another good trick. Gory, but a good trick. It is things like that that keep LB from becoming a fan.) At least the writers realize he is an idiot. Jessica/Nikki says as much.

2. Loved the line from HRG, “What am I thinking now, Parkman?”
“You’re last thought.”

3. C says the scene where Hiro tells his father that he can’t abandon his friend, Ando, is straight out of Star Wars. She’s right. It is still a good scene.

4. What is Hiro’s father’s power? (I’m guessing long life.) Also, bonus trivia. The license plate of Hiro’s dad’s car is NCC-1701.

5. What is Angela Petreli’s power? (Most people are guessing she has mental powers related to manipulation. She touches people and they seem to do what she wants them too.)

6. There is a bad guy worse than Sylar that when you see him, he looks back at you. (Sauron is in Heroes?)

7. Matt, Matt, Matt. You also are a one trick pony. You read surface thoughts. In the list of cool combat powers, it isn’t even in the top 100. All of a sudden you want to get all heroic and bad-ass? I fear this will not end well for you. (Oh, lookey, it doesn’t.)

8. Hmmm. Where did this dream sequence come from? (I believe Mr. Devereaux has temporal astral projection as a power. Or had it as a power. Now Peter has it.)

9. How the hell does Sylar keep sneaking up on people? He sneaks up on Ando. He sneaks up on HRG and Peter. Peter says, “Then he must be hiding in plain sight.” Good call. HOW? (C thinks he stole Claude’s invisibility power– but then Peter could see him.) (Bonus question: How does Sylar understand Japanese when Ando and Hiro speak it?)

10. Candice is NOT a one-trick pony. Her illusion powers are very powerful–and she knows how to use them. C & C really enjoyed this scene. Good to see the psychological healing take place. Candice did exactly what was needed without knowing it. Give the two selves physical representation so they could integrate. BUT– why didn’t Candice revert to an ugly person when the powers stopped? (Earlier she implied to Micah that her appearance was less than pleasant.)

11. Thought for sure Matt was going to buy the farm in the loft. Nope. (Stupidity pass #1.)

12. Love, LOVE, LOVE it when Claire jumps out the window. (Nathan could just fly down and get her… oh, wait, Mommy Dearest told him not to.) Reminded me of a friend from an earlier game.

13. How do they know Peter can survive blowing up? That is a pretty high level of regeneration. Claire didn’t blow up, she just healed from being burned.

14. Micah and Molly seem to like each other…. Next generation of Heroes? (They make a cute couple, don’t you think?)

15. Matt, Matt, Matt… Gun and Mind Reading vs. Telekinesis (and about 12 other powers)– guess the winner? (Looks like Matt used up his Stupidity Passes.)

16. Don’t know why Sylar let Nikki/Jessica hit him with the parking meter, but I liked it.

17. Anybody else notice that Peter takes off his Jacket when he gets ready to fight Sylar? I thought you only did that in school ground fights. Was it a designer jacket or something?

18. Ok. I like the whole Hiro stabbing Sylar thing… I really do– but please explain to me why Sylar couldn’t/wouldn’t stop him when he was running from 10 feet away. Lame. (Should have had Hiro teleport across the distance and stab him. That would have been mucho cool.) Also, Hiro, once you stab an evil super villian with super powers, you should take the extra step of chopping off his head. (Mengler taught me that, though his method involved grenades.)

19. See? I told you. Loved the teleport escape though.

20. OK. Now, this can end in one of two ways as I see it. One, Peter flys off into the stratospshere and blows up there. (Peter can fly, remember.) Two, Nathan shows up and through brotherly love and support talks Peter down from going nuclear. Both are good endings. Three, someone could shoot him (Oh, look, there’s Claire) in the head. (No, wait, that won’t work. He can heal from bullet wounds… the bullet has to stay stuck in him for him not to regenerate. Why the heck has no one else thought of that little flaw in their plan?) Still only two solutions….
(Oh, look, there’s Nathan.) Looks like option 2.

That wasn’t one of the options.


Didn’t we already cover this? Peter can use more than one power at a time.
(Fans speculate that when he is overloading, he has lost control of his powers…)
Oh… well, then. I guess you have to go with this option.
Nathan is going to drop him, right? I mean, he isn’t going to just hang on to him, is he?
And what about regenerating from dispersed atoms?
Can he do that? (Not bloodly likely.)

21. C to C, “Well, at least Sylar is dead. I was getting really sick of him.”
C back to C, “Yup, me too.”
C and C, “OH CRAP! We’ve been gyped.”
See, Hiro, one more sword stroke would have been a really good idea….

22. The Japanese word that Hiro says is apparently literally translated as “I’m pinched.”

23. Next season is going to be cool….