Last week’s episode of SG-1 was an unfortunate throw-away episode. With this being the last season of this beloved series, I admit to being a little disappointed when they craft an episode that doesn’t move along the plot or tie up any loose ends. This one seemed to be a sentimental offering to fathers and estranged families.

Oh well.

The episode wasn’t a complete loss, however. It did have this little easter egg of dialogue:

Jacek (Vala’s father): “I don’t mind telling you I’m a bit disappointed in this facility. I was expecting more.

Samantha: “Well, at times, so do we. But the truth is the stargate program just doesn’t get the support it used to from the people in charge.”

Jacek: “Why not?”

Dr. Lee: “Eureka! One down, twelve to go.”

Jacek: “That’s too bad because after all your stargate program has accomplished for this network of planets. I would think the decision makers would show it the respect it deserves.”

Samantha: “Yup.”

Would that it would be so…