A brief summary of our last two weeks.
(Pictures will be added in another post.)

•Northwest is better than United. (Though they don’t serve warm cookies and they charge $5 for snacks on the plane.)
•Traveling apart, while necessary and doable, is terribly unfun.
• We really liked this city. The people were friendly. There were trees, trees, and more trees. The air was clean. The public transportation was easy and clean and quick. We wish we could have spent more time there. We think we will return one day.
•There is nothing better than spending time with friends. NOTHING. If you happen to be able to see old friends and new friends during the same vacation, well then you are just a lucky, lucky, blessed person.
• The best vacation plans are flexible.
• J&J know how to celebrate a birthday.
• And the winner is…. C. (While I did not dance on the table, C claims there was some gloating and bragging going on. I deny this. Ok, a little bragging. Sorry.) Congrats to Starbuck for taking 2nd place.
• We tried to hike to the top of these falls. We didn’t make it. The falls were very pretty though and I’m glad C made me go. (The person walking up the mountain in flip flops disturbed us.)
• The City of Roses is aptly named and the park is a wonderful thing. We could have spent the whole day there. (Friends in need trump pretty parks.) Roses of every shade and shape with mountains in the distance.
• C loves boat rides. Ferries count as boats. The ferry to the Emerald City was great fun. Not at all like the Merrimac Ferry. (Seagulls will hover for cheetos. More on that later.)
Flying fish, Ranier cherries, and huge shoes–OH MY. That was a fun shopping trip.
P&S Express is a very good charger company. T is a wonderful friend for finding it and making arrangements. We saw Harbor Porpoises, Orca Whales, Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, and an Elephant Seal. We are both very happy that we are not prone to sea-sickness.
• Our dear friend, K, taught C how to make sushi. YUMMY! The rest of the meal was feast-like as well.
• Crabs of all shapes and size like to hang out under the rocks on the beach at this park. If you pick the crabs up, they will pinch you. There are jellyfish in the surf. (VERY SCARY!) (OK, C is not that scared and is laughing at me. It should be noted, however, that she didn’t go near them either.)
• Port Townsend is a cool place. There is a volunteer, non-profit youth-run coffee house there. The servers and patrons are friendly (but they make a lousy chai.) There is also a UU church there. We missed the pride parade, but we did tell M1 and M2 about it.
• Crab cocktails are yummy.
• We saw two rainbows on our way back to our point of arrival/departure.

We are tired now.
Work beckons insistently.