Some time ago, I lost my keychain.

You may remember, I don’t buy myself keychains.

I wait for someone to give me one.

While in Portland, I was given this as promo.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t acceptable as a replacement keychain.
1. Too big.
2. Not fitting with my personality.
3. Not from someone with a personal connection to me.
4. Most importantly– the silly thing doesn’t work as a glass cleaner.

Fortunately, while in Portland, a friend gave me not one, but three keychains.
I looked all over the internet for a photo of them– no luck.
They are, apparently, promo keychains for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers release in Japan. I currently have the Legolas coin as my keychain.
It has Elvish script on both sides, the title on one side, and the cool graphic on the other side.
In the background, there is the leaf clasp from the fellowship. Over that is a bow and arrow (Legolas’ I assume.)


Ask to see it when next you see me.

Gosh, I love how the universe works.