Based on a review from someone I trust (disagree with on occasion, but trust), I went to see Transformers tonight.

C did not go with me. She loves me, but there are limits.
I rarely– rarely– like never– go to the movies by myself. My severe extroversion makes such a thing a horrible thought to even contemplate. I mean, really, who would I talk to during the movie?

But I went alone to this one.
The theatre was packed. PACKED!

Why did I go? Transformers are not super heroes. But they are geeky. And I really enjoyed them when I was a kid. I didn’t own any of them— but I watched the cartoons and I loved the concept. So I went.

The story was good. The special effects were amazing. The characters were believable in a pathetic, funny sort of way. They stayed true to their source material. They gave little “shout outs” to the fans. There were lots of explosions and mucho violence, but no bloodshed and no gore. There was one set of villians, not 3 separate villians.

I went in with very low expectations and was exceptionally surprised.
Why can’t the people who make my super hero movies follow the example of this movie?

I might even go back and see it again.