About a month ago, C’s bike was stolen.
We left our garage open by mistake one night.
Next day, no bike.

C was most upset.
We didn’t report the theft.
One, it was kind of our fault.
Two, we couldn’t remember the make/model of the bike.

Yesterday, about 2 pm,
The bike was returned.
We left to go shopping and there it was leaning up against the next-door neighbor’s place– right in plain sight, where we would be sure to see it.


We don’t really care about “who?”, but we are mightily curious about “why?”
Why did they return the bike?

Suggested answers:

a) Guilt – They just couldn’t sleep at night. The wheels squeaked accusingly. Eventually, they just had to give in– and brought it back.

b) Necessity – They didn’t steal the bike, they borrowed it for a specific need. Once they were done with the bike, of course, they returned it.

c) Busted – Mother or Father saw the new bike. Didn’t buy the story (“Ahh.. I got it from a friend in a trade for my… ah…x-box game cartridge.”) and made them bring it back to where they got it.

d) Anthropomorphic Assist – The bike missed C. Made a daring escape and found its way home.

Got any answers we haven’t thought of?