A grateful couple sent C some movie passes as a “Thank You” gift.

The couple knows how hard C&C try to carve out time for dates.
So, it was a very thoughtful gift. C was very touched.

C&C went to use the passes yesterday.
We’ve had a rough three weeks and a movie sounded like a good escape.
Of the 18+ movies showing at our local theater, only 7 allowed passes.
Did the couple pay less for the movie passes? No.
Is there a difference between the passes and other movie tickets? No.
(Yes, I know the theater and the movie companies see a difference.)
Why should people buy moivie passes when you can’t use them half the time?

That being said, because we’ve been so darn busy these past three weeks, there were actually a couple of movies we hadn’t seen but wanted to that were on the pass list.

We saw Live Free or Die Hard.
It was a very enjoyable movie.
Nothing special, just a summer action flick– but we both really enjoyed the acting (the Mac guy was a lot of fun.)
The action sequences were unbelievable but well done.
It helps if you merge John McClane with David Dunn in your head. More believable that way.
It is one of the better ones in the series.

We still have two passes left.
We’ve got to December to use them… we’ll see how good we are at delayed gratification.