C & C went on a date tonight.
Dinner and a movie.
Dinner was, unfortunately, a bust. (You can read about that somewhwere else, soon.)
The movie?

Absolutely FANTASTIC.

We went and saw Stardust. (Apparently the same day our geeky friends went to see it.)
We laughed. We cried (because we were laughing so hard.) It was better than… well, it was better than almost every fantasy romance we’ve seen. Almost as good as my favorite movie, The Princess Bride.

I don’t want to give away spoilers, so I won’t.
But this movie has witches, pirates, evil princes, ghosts, magic, science, romance, humor, sword fighting, unicorns, nudity, and puns (anybody else notice the prince’s blood was blue?) What more could you ask for???

We stayed for the whole credits and enjoyed every minute of this movie.
Some critics have said the movie starts off slow. Hogwash.
Many have compared it unfavorably to The Princess Bride. Unfair.

The acting was superb. I might go see it again just to watch Robert DeNiro.
The makeup was fantastic. Whoever did Michelle Pfeifer deserves an Oscar.
Best Neil Gaiman on the big screen, yet.
C&C both loved this movie. And when it comes out on DVD, we’re buying it.