If there is a better idea for television than this, I do not know what it could be.

Combining Mythbusters with Superheroes.

The Mythbusters aired their Superhero special today. All of the myths were based on Superhero gadgets from comic books and super hero movies.

I’m speechless with the absolute awesomeness of this idea.

For those of you who can’t see the show or can’t look at it on the internet, here are the myths they chose to investigate.

Can a superhero hit a person so hard that their Superhero Sigil Ring leaves a permanent mark (ala The Phantom)?

Can a superhero create a grapping gun that will imbed a grapple pin directly into concrete? (ala Batman or Green Arrow or a gazillion other examples)

Can a superhero create belt size ascending unit to lift him up his grappling rope? (ala Batman and half a gazillion other examples)

Can a superhero’s car take tight corners at high speed with the help of a grappling hook cannon? (ala Batman in the first movie)

Now you might think I’d be against this sort of thing. Nothing worse than people who want to bring reality into my most cherished of fantasies. But the opposite is true. I believe in internal consistency. In other words, super hero stories break some rules of reality, but other rules still have to exist and function normally. If they don’t, the super powers become meaningless (and you start having people reversing time by spinning the earth backwards.)

In case you were curious, here are the results of the mythbuster’s attempts.

Sigil Ring Scar on Face? Nope. If you hit hard enough to leave a permanent scar, you crush the skull. Now that’ll leave a mark….
Grappling Gun? Nope. They can make something that will eventually blast into concrette– but it won’t stay there. Holy Free-fall, Batman!
Belt Size Rope Ascender? Plausible. They built a rig that would do it– but it wasn’t on the belt AND they forgot to build in a reverse switch. You can go up, but apparently you are walking back down on the stairs.
Grappling Hook Assisted Turns? Absolutely not. No cable in existence can handle the force. Cool watching them try, though.