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So, another one of our friends has joined the blogosphere.
Normally, I’d just add her blog to our blogroll and be done with it.
But in this case– well, her first post is so funny it has to be shared.
(It’s even funnier if you know them personally.)

Welcome, Mo. Good luck and have fun.


Ever wonder what kitties dream of?
Ours dreams of…

1. Bugs – She is a ferocious hunter/killer of bugs. One night, she caught and killed five bugs while I was reading a book. She was most proud of herself. That night, she slept the sleep of the smug– smiling and twitching.

2. Blue Terry Bathrobes – C’s bathrobe is her favorite. She treats it as if it were her mommy cat. It is cute and embarassing at the same time. If the bathrobe was alive, I’m afraid Opal would have a restraining order filed against her.

3. Wings – Sometimes the bugs I mentioned before fly or crawl higher than she can reach. This makes her very unhappy. She becomes quite focused and mournful. Wings, she seems to say. I NEED wings. Please, lord of the cats, grant me wings. Just this once.

4. Outside – The chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, song birds, turkeys, and deer live on the other side of this clear pane of mesh or glass. It is a scary place– but she dreams of it nonetheless.

5. Bubble Wrap – Nope. Not kidding. She loves bubble wrap. She dances with it. Honest. I couldn’t make this up.

Perhpas there are other dreams… but these are the ones we know of.
(She tells us about them every morning when we wake up.)

Hello All!

Opal and I had quite a surprise on Sunday morning. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement outside the window…then a sort of….gobble sound.

I slipped away as much like a sneaky Ninja as I could to get the camera. (Ok, I had to FIND the camera and load BATTERIES in said camera)


There were at least one dozen wild turkeys behind our house. This one looks more like the traditional turkey


Opal was transfixed and after standing with her paws on the bedroom window, she couldn’t take it anymore and jumped up toward the turkeys. There was both a metal blind and the screen to stop her from attacking her prey. The turkeys let out loud gobbles and frantic flapping…which scared the bejeezus out of Opal! Her tail was puffed for a good 15 minutes. Such excitement for a Sunday morning.

The Setting: The interstate. Night time. Foggy, with low visibility. Traffic is a little tight.

The Main Character: A man on a motorcycle. No helmet. No jacket. No windshield. Weaving in and out of traffic, speeding through the dark fog.

The Punchline: As he pulls away into the fog, my headlights illuminate the black t-shirt he is wearing. On the back is written in big bold white letters,


As I sit here catching my breath (see the last post), my mind wanders…

We heard they had made another Highlander movie.
C&C were very excited – We love the Highlander movie and the Highlander series.
We were mistaken.
Once again, someone has taken absolute crap, put it on film, and then mistakenly called called it something Highlander related.
One of these days, they will actually make a second Highlander movie.
Hope is immortal in our hearts.

Speaking of good SciFi, the last two Dr. Who episodes have been absolutely mind-numbingly fantastic. C still isn’t watching it (they changed Doctors and she hasn’t watched it since.)

In case you weren’t aware of it, Survivor:China is starting this week.
One of the castaways is a Unitarian Universalist.
Hope he doesn’t embarass the denomination.
(Beyond actually being on the reality show in the first place, of course.)

So, I haven’t been on the treadmill in a little over two months.
Various reasons for this– not the least of which is a complete lack of will.
The Good News: I’m exactly the same weight I was the last time I was on it.
(People have been complimenting me on my weight– which hasn’t changed. I did, however, buy clothes that fit me.*)
The Bad News: I’m now about 21 lbs off of my goal weight.

Today, I finally got back on the treadmill.
My heart rate was well above my target rate.
I’m afraid I almost fainted.
I did, however, complete the program without turning down the speed or incline.
And I only ALMOST fell off six times. (I’m quite thankful for Squeaky, the warning gerbil that lives in our treadmill.)

I’m counting this as a victory.

* Yes, I finally gave in and went to the Big and Tall store. I can only admit this because the guy said as I walked in, “You’ll want the Tall side of the store, not the Big side.” Bless you, my good man, bless you.

On this week’s episode, “God is in the Details”, of Eureka (one of the many sci-fi shows currently on television), we were introduced to a new character and a new location.

The Rev. Harper of the First Church of Eureka.

In case you aren’t familiar with the show, here is the premise. Eureka is a secret town where all the mad scientists and eccentric geniuses are “put” by the government. Theory being that brilliance works best when surrounded by other brilliance (and it is safer to have all the crazy egg-heads in one place.)

So what kind of a church would you expect in a town of super geniuses? (It seems they only have one.)
Well, they don’t say. But we can narrow the field.

1. They do refer to the place of worship as a church and they do meet Sunday morning. (Eliminates Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism among others.)
2. The Rev. Harper (no relation to a friend of mine) is a woman. (Eliminates Catholicism, Southern Baptist, and many other Christian denominations.)
3. The Rev. Harper, when consulted by an axious scientist, gives out multiple books from different world religions, including a book on Buddhism. (Maybe not as limiting as it seems– but it does point to more liberal, open-minded faiths.)

At first I thought it was a UU church.
Unfortunately, the stained glass cross window and the bibles in the pews somewhat preclude that. (So does her obvious attempts to guilt the sheriff into coming to church on Sunday.)

UCC maybe?

Oh, well. I still think it should have a been a UU church. Seems more fitting to the overall concept and the flavor of the oddball town.