On this week’s episode, “God is in the Details”, of Eureka (one of the many sci-fi shows currently on television), we were introduced to a new character and a new location.

The Rev. Harper of the First Church of Eureka.

In case you aren’t familiar with the show, here is the premise. Eureka is a secret town where all the mad scientists and eccentric geniuses are “put” by the government. Theory being that brilliance works best when surrounded by other brilliance (and it is safer to have all the crazy egg-heads in one place.)

So what kind of a church would you expect in a town of super geniuses? (It seems they only have one.)
Well, they don’t say. But we can narrow the field.

1. They do refer to the place of worship as a church and they do meet Sunday morning. (Eliminates Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism among others.)
2. The Rev. Harper (no relation to a friend of mine) is a woman. (Eliminates Catholicism, Southern Baptist, and many other Christian denominations.)
3. The Rev. Harper, when consulted by an axious scientist, gives out multiple books from different world religions, including a book on Buddhism. (Maybe not as limiting as it seems– but it does point to more liberal, open-minded faiths.)

At first I thought it was a UU church.
Unfortunately, the stained glass cross window and the bibles in the pews somewhat preclude that. (So does her obvious attempts to guilt the sheriff into coming to church on Sunday.)

UCC maybe?

Oh, well. I still think it should have a been a UU church. Seems more fitting to the overall concept and the flavor of the oddball town.