As I sit here catching my breath (see the last post), my mind wanders…

We heard they had made another Highlander movie.
C&C were very excited – We love the Highlander movie and the Highlander series.
We were mistaken.
Once again, someone has taken absolute crap, put it on film, and then mistakenly called called it something Highlander related.
One of these days, they will actually make a second Highlander movie.
Hope is immortal in our hearts.

Speaking of good SciFi, the last two Dr. Who episodes have been absolutely mind-numbingly fantastic. C still isn’t watching it (they changed Doctors and she hasn’t watched it since.)

In case you weren’t aware of it, Survivor:China is starting this week.
One of the castaways is a Unitarian Universalist.
Hope he doesn’t embarass the denomination.
(Beyond actually being on the reality show in the first place, of course.)