Hello All!

Opal and I had quite a surprise on Sunday morning. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement outside the window…then a sort of….gobble sound.

I slipped away as much like a sneaky Ninja as I could to get the camera. (Ok, I had to FIND the camera and load BATTERIES in said camera)


There were at least one dozen wild turkeys behind our house. This one looks more like the traditional turkey


Opal was transfixed and after standing with her paws on the bedroom window, she couldn’t take it anymore and jumped up toward the turkeys. There was both a metal blind and the screen to stop her from attacking her prey. The turkeys let out loud gobbles and frantic flapping…which scared the bejeezus out of Opal! Her tail was puffed for a good 15 minutes. Such excitement for a Sunday morning.