Ever wonder what kitties dream of?
Ours dreams of…

1. Bugs – She is a ferocious hunter/killer of bugs. One night, she caught and killed five bugs while I was reading a book. She was most proud of herself. That night, she slept the sleep of the smug– smiling and twitching.

2. Blue Terry Bathrobes – C’s bathrobe is her favorite. She treats it as if it were her mommy cat. It is cute and embarassing at the same time. If the bathrobe was alive, I’m afraid Opal would have a restraining order filed against her.

3. Wings – Sometimes the bugs I mentioned before fly or crawl higher than she can reach. This makes her very unhappy. She becomes quite focused and mournful. Wings, she seems to say. I NEED wings. Please, lord of the cats, grant me wings. Just this once.

4. Outside – The chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, song birds, turkeys, and deer live on the other side of this clear pane of mesh or glass. It is a scary place– but she dreams of it nonetheless.

5. Bubble Wrap – Nope. Not kidding. She loves bubble wrap. She dances with it. Honest. I couldn’t make this up.

Perhpas there are other dreams… but these are the ones we know of.
(She tells us about them every morning when we wake up.)