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J decided to practice for her future appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio.
She asked how her readers (that would be us, in part) would answer the questions.

Here’s my take.

1. Favorite Word? Goofy (I also like Twitterpated.)
2. Least Favorite Word? Liver (I also dislike Reverse Racism.)
3. Turns Me On? People. Laughing, Playing, Sharing People. (or Puppies.)
4. Turns Me Off? Stupidity
5. Sound I Love? When I go to bed late at night and reach out to touch the sleeping C, she makes a little sighing/moaning noise. I love that.
6. Sound I Hate? Shortly after #5 above, she says, “Honey, roll over, you’re snoring.” I hate that. Seriously, I really hate the sound of sandpaper and emory boards.
7. Favorite Curse Word? Hmmm. When I’m really mad, I try to cover all the bases and just say a number of them really fast. “S/F/P/C.” Yup, they stand for what you think they do. I don’t say that one very often. For common every day use, I’m pretty fond of “F a Duck”. (Usually with a silly, pathetic “quacking” noise following it.) I use the word AH so often, it almost doesn’t count as a curse word in my world.
8. Profession To Try? Food Critic? Stand Up Comic? Super Hero? So many choices. Seriously, I think I’d like to be TV or Movie program executive. Don’t know if that’s a fun job, but I’ve certainly got some ideas…
9. Profession To Avoid? Perfume Tester
10. What Would I Want God To Say? Well, if “he” exists in that way, then I’m in serious trouble. As a matter of fact, the more I think about this question, the more disturbed I get about the whole thing. So, let’s shut off my brain for a second and see what pops up… “Want to play a game?” Yeah, that’ll work.

Who’s next?


Last night, Opal made a friend.

She was chasing one of those annoying Asian beetles.
At one point, the clumsy thing flew a little too low and Opal batted it out of the air.
The beetle landed in a small, previously unnoticed spider web.

Opal walked over. She cocked her head.
The beetle was obviously struggling, but it was sitting in mid air.
Then, a little tiny spider came zooming out along the web.
Opal pointed her nose forward. (Opal attacks spiders, too. Bugs are bugs, you know.)
The spider jumped on the beetle, wrapped it up, and (I assume) bit it.
The beetle stopped struggling and the spider moved to the top of the web.
Opal looked at the beetle. She looked at the spider.
She reached out with one paw, then put it back down.
Then she looked at me, and seemed to cock an eyebrow.

I said, “Your call, Opes.”

She looked back at the spider.
Then she wandered off.

The spider is still there. Opal has decided to leave it be.
Apparently, Opal and Ms. Spider are friends… or allies… or I don’t know.

(No, I’m not making this up. Not even a little bit. I kid you not.)

C & C have a Rich Friends policy/plan.

It goes something like this:

Having Rich Friends would be a good thing.
Having Rich Friends who are generous would be an even better thing.
Rich is a relative term defined in relation to us.
(People who have more money than us are Rich.)*
We should have more Rich Friends.

Good enough. But how?

Making friends with Rich people is difficult.
(Rich people are suspicious of people who want to be their friend. Many Rich people aren’t the sort of people we would normally be friends with.)

So, we came up with a different plan.

Make friends with generous people.
Encourage our generous friends to become rich.

So far, the plan is working just fine. Slowly, but fine.
(Generous people have a harder time becoming rich. Go figure.)

Due to some recent experiences, we’ve decided to expand the Rich Friend Plan to Famous Friends as well.

Famous people are hard to become friends with.
So, we are making friends with cool people and then encouraging them to become famous.

That seems to be working, too.

Want to be one of our rich/famous friends?
We’ll wait.

*Why, yes, the scale has been changing lately– why do you ask?

Also this weekend,
C & C went to see a movie. 3:10 to Yuma.
It is a new western staring Christian Bale and Russel Crow with many other recognizable stars. It is getting good reviews.
But that isn’t why we went to see it.

We went to see it because one of our best friends recieved his first screen credit in that film.* I can’t say much more than that, out of respect for his privacy and professional standing. In addition, he was asked to lend a hand in other ways to the film. (He actually had a bit part on-screen. A real small bit part.)

C & C now know a person in the movie industry.
When his name came up in the credits, we jumped up and down dancing and yelling. (We have been told that his reaction was much more restrained. Of course it was. He doesn’t celebrate like that. That’s why he has friends like us for.)

Anyway, the movie was great.
His work on it was fantastic.
His bit part was so good we almost missed it. (Ok, we did miss it. But we won’t next time we see the film.)
Aside from his work in the film, we think it was a good movie.

It made us think afterwards, which westerns don’t normally do.

Way to go, secret friend!

* They messed up his name. Priceless. Absolutely, priceless.

Back when I was a cab driver, I had numerous “brushes” with celebrity.
I was the driver for a few different performers when they visited Madtown.
My favorite encounter was the night I had the band, Garbage, in my cab. They were celebrating the start of their first tour (staring the next day) and were pretty hyped up. They ended up singing their old high school fight songs in the cab.
That was fun.

But those brushes were very brief and fleeting. Good stories, but not very meaninful. About as much as I expected in my life, really.

This weekend, I’ve upped my expectations… a little.

A couple of weekends ago, while shopping with C, I picked up a couple of CDs by a semi-local artist named Celia Farran. She’s from Wisconsin, but she’s toured all over the country. She plays guitar, sings, writes her own stuff, and tells stories. I haven’t even had a chance to listen to the two CDs yet.

This Saturday, while attending a conference, I thought I recgonized one of the other attendees. (Hard not to, really. Celia has very long, striking red hair.) I approached her and did the typical “fan” piece of telling her I had a couple of her CDs. We ended up talking a little over lunch. During our conversation, it came up that Celia wasn’t staying at the conference center and needed a place to sleep that night. I was staying with M1M2 (their new home was only a half hour away) and after a quick call to see if it was all right, I invited Celia to join me at M1M2’s place. After a moment of thought, she accepted. (She later said it was a deliberation of bliss. She tries to follow her bliss– which option is most likely to be the most enjoyable.)

We arrived at M1M2 later that night after a drive through the dark country roads. The guest room was made up for her, a towel laid out for the morning, a nightlight on– all the hospitality you would expect from M1M2. In the morning, I got up really early and sat on the deck listening to the birds and watching the deer play. (They really did play. First time I’d seen them do that.) M1 and M2 got up and then Celia awoke. We had a wonderful morning. M1 made breakfast for us all. (She threatened to make brunch, but neither Celia nor I were up for that much food.) Then Celia found out that M1 is not only a carpenter and cook, but a seamstress as well. She had some clothes in need of tailoring/mending and M1 gladly offered to do them. While M1M2 worked on the clothes, Ceila was invited to use the hot tub. I decided against joining her and instead sat with M1M2. Both Celia and I kept saying we had to go but couldn’t seem to pull ourselves away from M1M2’s company. It was relaxing, funny, engaging– and just plain fun.

Before she left, Celia offered to pay for the tailoring– which M1 flatly refused to accept. (She’s helpin’ folk, you know.) Celia instead gifted M1M2 with a few of her CDs and even put on a small performance of one of her stories for them.

We parted ways with Celia thanking me for inviting her into my familie’s house and with M1M2 thanking me for inviting such a “delightful person” into their home.

I hope the opportunity presents itself again sometime.
More importantly, I hope this develops into a new friendship.
New friends have been in short supply as of late– and that needs to change.