C & C have a Rich Friends policy/plan.

It goes something like this:

Having Rich Friends would be a good thing.
Having Rich Friends who are generous would be an even better thing.
Rich is a relative term defined in relation to us.
(People who have more money than us are Rich.)*
We should have more Rich Friends.

Good enough. But how?

Making friends with Rich people is difficult.
(Rich people are suspicious of people who want to be their friend. Many Rich people aren’t the sort of people we would normally be friends with.)

So, we came up with a different plan.

Make friends with generous people.
Encourage our generous friends to become rich.

So far, the plan is working just fine. Slowly, but fine.
(Generous people have a harder time becoming rich. Go figure.)

Due to some recent experiences, we’ve decided to expand the Rich Friend Plan to Famous Friends as well.

Famous people are hard to become friends with.
So, we are making friends with cool people and then encouraging them to become famous.

That seems to be working, too.

Want to be one of our rich/famous friends?
We’ll wait.

*Why, yes, the scale has been changing lately– why do you ask?