Last night, Opal made a friend.

She was chasing one of those annoying Asian beetles.
At one point, the clumsy thing flew a little too low and Opal batted it out of the air.
The beetle landed in a small, previously unnoticed spider web.

Opal walked over. She cocked her head.
The beetle was obviously struggling, but it was sitting in mid air.
Then, a little tiny spider came zooming out along the web.
Opal pointed her nose forward. (Opal attacks spiders, too. Bugs are bugs, you know.)
The spider jumped on the beetle, wrapped it up, and (I assume) bit it.
The beetle stopped struggling and the spider moved to the top of the web.
Opal looked at the beetle. She looked at the spider.
She reached out with one paw, then put it back down.
Then she looked at me, and seemed to cock an eyebrow.

I said, “Your call, Opes.”

She looked back at the spider.
Then she wandered off.

The spider is still there. Opal has decided to leave it be.
Apparently, Opal and Ms. Spider are friends… or allies… or I don’t know.

(No, I’m not making this up. Not even a little bit. I kid you not.)