J decided to practice for her future appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio.
She asked how her readers (that would be us, in part) would answer the questions.

Here’s my take.

1. Favorite Word? Goofy (I also like Twitterpated.)
2. Least Favorite Word? Liver (I also dislike Reverse Racism.)
3. Turns Me On? People. Laughing, Playing, Sharing People. (or Puppies.)
4. Turns Me Off? Stupidity
5. Sound I Love? When I go to bed late at night and reach out to touch the sleeping C, she makes a little sighing/moaning noise. I love that.
6. Sound I Hate? Shortly after #5 above, she says, “Honey, roll over, you’re snoring.” I hate that. Seriously, I really hate the sound of sandpaper and emory boards.
7. Favorite Curse Word? Hmmm. When I’m really mad, I try to cover all the bases and just say a number of them really fast. “S/F/P/C.” Yup, they stand for what you think they do. I don’t say that one very often. For common every day use, I’m pretty fond of “F a Duck”. (Usually with a silly, pathetic “quacking” noise following it.) I use the word AH so often, it almost doesn’t count as a curse word in my world.
8. Profession To Try? Food Critic? Stand Up Comic? Super Hero? So many choices. Seriously, I think I’d like to be TV or Movie program executive. Don’t know if that’s a fun job, but I’ve certainly got some ideas…
9. Profession To Avoid? Perfume Tester
10. What Would I Want God To Say? Well, if “he” exists in that way, then I’m in serious trouble. As a matter of fact, the more I think about this question, the more disturbed I get about the whole thing. So, let’s shut off my brain for a second and see what pops up… “Want to play a game?” Yeah, that’ll work.

Who’s next?