The 12ths season of The Amazing Race started tonight.
C&C are checking it out– we’ll be watching it if we can find people to root for.

We currently like the lesbian ministers (though they will never win– too old), the asian american father-daughter team (again, they won’t win, he’s a little old), and oddly enough, the goth couple.

Observations from episode 1.
1. Stealing another person’s cab is bad. The cab karma gods will get you.
(Guess who lost the first leg….)
2. “Donkey’s have soul’s, too.” (Yelling at your ass will not make it move.)
3. Goths, apparrently, ARE afraid of death– if the sun is shining brightly.
4. Choose your ass with care. Be gentle and encouraging to your ass.

So, far, we’re liking this race…