It is a well known secret that yours truly used to work for the man in red.
The pay was lousy, but the fringe benefits were fantastic. (Not to mention the karma points.)
Alas, some years ago, I decided to cut back and now I only serve in a reserve capacity.
(Filling in when needed or when the opportunity presents itself.)

Well, now I find myself in need of some Elf Assistance.
If you currently work for, have worked for, or wish to work for the Big S– I need you.
Or, M1 and M2 do.

Last week, they discovered that during the move, they lost their entire ornament collection. Both of them were rather distraught. They’ve had 40+ years to collect ornaments from people as gifts. Lots of memories hanging on their tree every year.
The loss is almost hard to wrap your head around– even though the ornaments are just things.

Anyway, I’m hoping some Elves out there might be willing to spread some holiday cheer by sending M1 and M2 an ornament or two.

M1 is partial to cardinals and the color red.
M2 is partial to chickadees and fabric art.
Really though, any ornament given with love would go a very long way.

If you know me and you know M1 and M2, and you want to do the Elfy thing, drop me a line.