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Earlier today, C&C were in C’s hometown.
We went out to breakfast with BB, C’s dad.
When the food came out…

Waitress: Honey, who let you order three pancakes?

[confusion on our faces]

C: Um… the other waitress…

C thinks to himself, “Let? Let? What do you mean ‘let’, C can order whatever she wants…”
(He’s so cute when he thinks someone is messin’ with C.)

The waitress then sets down the plate of three HUGE pancakes. Bigger than C’s head.

We look at the pancakes. We look at the waitress.

Waitress: Do what you can, dear.

C: I feel so at home.


And also from Earthbound Spirit, the sequel to the “humbug” meme.

Here are our holiday favorites:

1. Most favorite or looked forward to dessert/cookie/family food.

My sugar cookies.

I miss eating Tiger Meat. We used to do that on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. I look forward to butterscotch cremes and tassies and stollen(though my Mom’s is closer to the Swiss style with icing) and tassies and pizzellis.

2. Favorite holiday beverage

Bailey’s on the rocks

Love Hot Chocolate. Love Egg Nog. Love Baileys in Hot Chocolate.

3. Favorite tradition

Watching “A Christmas Carol” on Christmas Eve or driving around with my dad looking at Christmas lights.

Working for Santa Clause. (And recruiting others to be Elves.)

4. Favorite Decorations

The Christmas Tree. With pretty lights. And the plush naked angel ornament that my mother gave me.

When I was a kid, I loved bubble lights. Now, my favorite decoration is the brass bell that hangs on my tree and turns it into a big “touch” lamp. Though I dream, one day, of attaining a hand carved, deluxe Christmas Carousel. I met a wood artist when I was 18 that created/carved absolutely amazing ones.

5. Favorite Gifts (given, received, or both) (ES skipped this one…)

The Mysterious Outdoor Christmas Tree for the birds we gave to Mom and Dad. (In the middle of the night. Sneaking around like Ninja Elves.)

The plush wolf C gave me our first Christmas together. It made a real wolf sound when you squeezed it.

BONUS: Favorite Holiday Music

As has been stated before, C likes all Christmas and Holiday music. Our mutual favorite CDs are

(perversely, we both really enjoy the “Fairytale of New York“) and almost anything by Louis Armstrong. We both really enjoy the Bob and Doug McKenzie classic. (We were made for each other, no?)

My favorites?
This one that ES already sampled, “The Christians and the Pagans” by Dar Williams
Marvelous Little Toy” though I prefer the version by the Chad Mitchel Trio.
One of my favorites has proven almost impossible to get my hands on again. It was Jamaican woman singing about her son not wanting to go to bed until he gets what Santa gave mama last year. Cake? no. Toys? no. Turns out it was a kiss. Wonderful song. Can’t find it anywhere. Sigh.
I love the Frozen Logger Song, thought it isn’t strictly a Christmas song.

I am also a big fan of the 80’s classic by Weird Al “Christmas at Ground Zero

That is probably enough for now. If people really want some more, just let me know.

A Holiday Meme courtesy of Earthbound Spirit via her friends the RevGalBlogPals (better late then never, we say):

To quote ES “This is not a tagging meme. Play along if you like, or ignore it – but if you play along, please let (us) know so (we) can go read yours at your blog! (Our) answers are in (Green and Red).” We’ll let you guess who is who.

What is your least favorite or most annoying holiday…

1. dessert/cookie/family food

Dad used to eat pickled herring every Christmas. Right from the jar. Ewwww.

Those little “Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies” or whatever other names they are know as.
Little powdered sugar covered sawdust balls. Look good. Horrible little things. Horrible.

2. beverage

eggnog. Is it a drink or a pudding? Neither. Both. Blech.

Eggnog in cans. My grandfather used to buy it buy the case. Dented cans, because they were cheaper. It tasted as good as it sounds.

3. tradition (church, family, other)

This one is the same for both of us, but we’ve still got two for you.

a. Those damned impersonal family bragging letters summing up the whole year.
They make us want to retch and poke our eyes out. Or someone’s eyes, anyway.

b. One year, C&C went to a small Catholic church near my parent’s house on Christmas Eve. In the front pews, they had all of the men from the Knights of Columbus there, dressed up in funny costumes with tabards and silly feathered hats. Normally, this would be right up our alley. But… BUT they were actually part of the service. Every time the priest said “Peace on Earth” or “The Prince of Peace” or “Peace Be With You” or anything else resembling the word “PEACE”, all of these Ren Faire Rejects unsheathed their swords and held up–presenting them to their God, I suppose. It was terribly incongruent, inconsistent, and disturbing. To this day, many years hence, we find the whole image disturbing.

4. decoration

Any big poofy, non-natural garland.

Any hanging tinsel strands (popularly known as icicles.)

(It should be noted that our tastes are completely opposite on this. I love poofy colored tinsel. She likes icicles– or used to until she got a cat and then things just turned ugly.) Note: I was going to link to a youtube video demonstrating this version of ugly. But it was too ugly. I can’t do it.

5. Gift (given or received or both)

A carved wooden pregnant zebra figurine or the moth traps. Both received.

Avon Men’s Lotions and Scented Crap kit. (Tell me the person wasn’t trying to kill me.)

BONUS: What song or cd makes you want to tell the elves where to stick it?

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Ummm. I’m sure there are some out there… but my standards (and taste) are rather low when it comes to Christmas music. I’ll even listen to the music made up of animal sounds. (though not for very long…)

7:50 am – Wake up. Is it time? I think its time. Sure seems like it should be time. FINE. I’m going back to sleep.

8:00 am – IT’S TIME! I hear it, I hear it, I hear it! Run, run, run! The food machine is whirring. The food is hitting the dish. A delightful noise of kitty kibble on a plastic drum. I’m soooo hungry.

8:02 am – Is that it? Again. But I’m still hungry. MORE!!! I know you’ve got it, I can see it through the clear jug thingie! Excellent….

8:15 am – Time for laps. Top of the couch. Patio door. Top of the chair. Under the table. Again. Again, faster this time. What, no applause. Sigh.

8:20 am – Time to get up, maternal unit. Pet me. Yes… right there. A little to the right. Purrrrrrrrrrrr.

8:25 am – Purrrrrrrrr…. hmmm, what? But I’m not done yet. Back of, paternal unit!

9:00 am – Everybody’s up. Busy, busy, busy. What about me? Hello…. Play with me. Paternal Unit… please. Please play with me.

9:01 am – Hand under the sheet…. I’ve got you now. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

9:07 am – Done now. Love you, bye bye.

9:15 am – Oooooo. Soft blue maternal terry cloth covering thingie.

9:20 am –

9:21 am – HEY! Maternal unit, bring that back. I wasn’t done with that… Damn it.

10:00 am – Time to lay down by the warm thingie. I LOVE the new warm thingie. Hope they don’t move it away from the patio window again.

10:00 am – Damn it. Paternal unit did that thing to the warm thingie again. What did he do? Did he push this thing? Or was it this thing? Maybe it was this thing… Come on, warm thingie, get warmer for me. Please… Maybe if I rub against it and purr invitingly…
OUCH. Not that close. I will lay right here by it.

1:00 pm – Food Thingie? Yes… Oh, bummer. Such a small amount. I’m starving here. Just because I made you give me food before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give me some now. I don’t care what the paternal unit says. Don’t make me hit you again.

3:00 pm – Time to tour the top places. Kitchen table? check. Kitchen counters? check. Corner table? check. Bathroom counter? check. Top of of the china cabinet? Nope, still can’t get there. Next time, I’m sure of it. Gnome cave? Not even on my best day.

3:30 pm – Day’s almost over. What else was I going to do today? Oh, yeah– knock off the light switch thingie. The paternal unit loves that game. Make faces at the stupid squirrel. check. Dance with the purple mouse. check.

6:00 pm – Maternal Unit is home! Run, run, run to the door! Whoa… can’t look too needy. Better stop right here. When she sees me….walk away, walk away, walk away. No big deal.

7:00 pm – FOOD!!! I’m wasting away here… better give me a lot, food thingie. Food, food, food. Glorious, wonderful, crunchy food. Wow, I love food. I could eat this stuff all…. That’s it? You stupid stingy greedy mean food thingie.

8:00 pm – Play time, maternal unit. Put the ugly warm light box down. Ribbon time. Make the ribbon zig and zag. OH, I’m gonna get it.

9:00 pm – Paternal unit is home! Quick, run, run, run to the door. Oh crap, they saw me. Lay down. Act natural. No big deal. What, were you gone?

10:00 pm – Maternal unit is going to bed. Paternal unit is staying in the chair. Shall I go here? Or here? In the bedroom? Or in the living room? Plenty of good reasons to stay up… But it has been a long day…. ON the bed? On the chair? Hey.. what– quit pushing. Why are you closing the bedroom door. Fine, I was going to stay up anyway. No big deal.
I’ll just be over here on the couch. Don’t mind me.

??:?? am – Huh… what? Hello, paternal unit. What… what’s up..? Hmmm… time for bed. Ok. Thanks for carrying me to bed. I’ll just be over here the maternal unit. Sleep well. See you in the…..

The average person in the U.S.A. watches 28 hours of TV per week.

C&C watch more than that. (Not as much more as I first suspected, though. That there are people, many people apparently, who watch TV more than we do is a somewhat scary thought….) Television and movies are easily our biggest vice.

A few months ago, our DVD player stopped working.
(Netflix is not much fun without a DVD player. You can only watch so many movies on your computer.)
A few weeks ago, our Tivo started acting somwhat funny. Not problematic, just a little eyebrow-raising.
A few days ago, our TV started scrolling and locking and generally acting possessed.
(And don’t even get me started on our warped, buckling, disintegrating entertainment center.)
For C&C, any one of these things would be disturbing.
All of them? Well, all of them happening is just this side of a disaster.
(Comparatively speaking, we know they are only electronics– but on that level, a disaster none-the-less.)

we bought a new DVD/VCR a few weeks ago (on sale).
we bought a new HD Tivo Series 3 a couple of weeks ago(through a special subscriber deal).
and this weekend…
this weekend, we bought a brand new HTIB and a brand new HD Plasma TV(at some greatly reduced, well-haggled prices).
We also bought a new entertainment center/stand for the TV.
(We’ve added a tad to our debt load– but the interest rate was hard to beat.)
It was about time, really.
The TV,Receiver, Speakers, DVD, VCR, and entertainment center were all purchased used from a former co-worker of mine<no, not that one specifically, but you get the idea) 6 years ago.

It took me most of the afternoon to put the entertainment center together.
(Hey, I read diagrams as well as the next guy, maybe even better– but would it kill these “technical writers” to use a few words? They’re called directions, folks. Give ’em a try.)
It took me most of the evening to get all the components hooked up and talking to each other. (I’ve discovered that being persistent can be as effective as being knowledgeable.)
Now it’s done.

We now know the meaning of the word “UPGRADE.”
We sat in the living room just staring at the new TV. We looked at each other.
We looked back at the TV.
We briefly talked about taking the TV back–getting something a little smaller.
Addicts say, “Naaaaahhh.”

Consider yourself invited to drop in and check out the pretty pictures and kick-butt sounds.
The popcorn is on us.