The average person in the U.S.A. watches 28 hours of TV per week.

C&C watch more than that. (Not as much more as I first suspected, though. That there are people, many people apparently, who watch TV more than we do is a somewhat scary thought….) Television and movies are easily our biggest vice.

A few months ago, our DVD player stopped working.
(Netflix is not much fun without a DVD player. You can only watch so many movies on your computer.)
A few weeks ago, our Tivo started acting somwhat funny. Not problematic, just a little eyebrow-raising.
A few days ago, our TV started scrolling and locking and generally acting possessed.
(And don’t even get me started on our warped, buckling, disintegrating entertainment center.)
For C&C, any one of these things would be disturbing.
All of them? Well, all of them happening is just this side of a disaster.
(Comparatively speaking, we know they are only electronics– but on that level, a disaster none-the-less.)

we bought a new DVD/VCR a few weeks ago (on sale).
we bought a new HD Tivo Series 3 a couple of weeks ago(through a special subscriber deal).
and this weekend…
this weekend, we bought a brand new HTIB and a brand new HD Plasma TV(at some greatly reduced, well-haggled prices).
We also bought a new entertainment center/stand for the TV.
(We’ve added a tad to our debt load– but the interest rate was hard to beat.)
It was about time, really.
The TV,Receiver, Speakers, DVD, VCR, and entertainment center were all purchased used from a former co-worker of mine<no, not that one specifically, but you get the idea) 6 years ago.

It took me most of the afternoon to put the entertainment center together.
(Hey, I read diagrams as well as the next guy, maybe even better– but would it kill these “technical writers” to use a few words? They’re called directions, folks. Give ’em a try.)
It took me most of the evening to get all the components hooked up and talking to each other. (I’ve discovered that being persistent can be as effective as being knowledgeable.)
Now it’s done.

We now know the meaning of the word “UPGRADE.”
We sat in the living room just staring at the new TV. We looked at each other.
We looked back at the TV.
We briefly talked about taking the TV back–getting something a little smaller.
Addicts say, “Naaaaahhh.”

Consider yourself invited to drop in and check out the pretty pictures and kick-butt sounds.
The popcorn is on us.