A Holiday Meme courtesy of Earthbound Spirit via her friends the RevGalBlogPals (better late then never, we say):

To quote ES “This is not a tagging meme. Play along if you like, or ignore it – but if you play along, please let (us) know so (we) can go read yours at your blog! (Our) answers are in (Green and Red).” We’ll let you guess who is who.

What is your least favorite or most annoying holiday…

1. dessert/cookie/family food

Dad used to eat pickled herring every Christmas. Right from the jar. Ewwww.

Those little “Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies” or whatever other names they are know as.
Little powdered sugar covered sawdust balls. Look good. Horrible little things. Horrible.

2. beverage

eggnog. Is it a drink or a pudding? Neither. Both. Blech.

Eggnog in cans. My grandfather used to buy it buy the case. Dented cans, because they were cheaper. It tasted as good as it sounds.

3. tradition (church, family, other)

This one is the same for both of us, but we’ve still got two for you.

a. Those damned impersonal family bragging letters summing up the whole year.
They make us want to retch and poke our eyes out. Or someone’s eyes, anyway.

b. One year, C&C went to a small Catholic church near my parent’s house on Christmas Eve. In the front pews, they had all of the men from the Knights of Columbus there, dressed up in funny costumes with tabards and silly feathered hats. Normally, this would be right up our alley. But… BUT they were actually part of the service. Every time the priest said “Peace on Earth” or “The Prince of Peace” or “Peace Be With You” or anything else resembling the word “PEACE”, all of these Ren Faire Rejects unsheathed their swords and held up–presenting them to their God, I suppose. It was terribly incongruent, inconsistent, and disturbing. To this day, many years hence, we find the whole image disturbing.

4. decoration

Any big poofy, non-natural garland.

Any hanging tinsel strands (popularly known as icicles.)

(It should be noted that our tastes are completely opposite on this. I love poofy colored tinsel. She likes icicles– or used to until she got a cat and then things just turned ugly.) Note: I was going to link to a youtube video demonstrating this version of ugly. But it was too ugly. I can’t do it.

5. Gift (given or received or both)

A carved wooden pregnant zebra figurine or the moth traps. Both received.

Avon Men’s Lotions and Scented Crap kit. (Tell me the person wasn’t trying to kill me.)

BONUS: What song or cd makes you want to tell the elves where to stick it?

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Ummm. I’m sure there are some out there… but my standards (and taste) are rather low when it comes to Christmas music. I’ll even listen to the music made up of animal sounds. (though not for very long…)